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With the recruitment of experienced personnel both as aircraft owners and aircraft managers, FlyXcite intimately understands what it takes to successfully operate your aircraft. The importance of intertwining proper maintenance procedures, hiring qualified crew and operating it in a safe and effective manner is paramount. Only through this combination of operational collaboration will the result be a successful travel experience while at the same time, maintaining the asset value of your aircraft to the highest possible level. Whether you want to generate revenue between your flights, reduce fixed cost across the board, or are simply looking for a partner to manage your asset’s every detail, FlyXcite can lend a hand. FlyXcite has been involved in several multi-million dollar aircraft purchase transactions where we work for you, the buyer. Our belief is to match you with the best possible aircraft that eloquently meets your needs. FlyXcite operates a full service aircraft maintenance operation to keep your aircraft in pristine condition. While not traveling on your aircraft, you have the option to offset the cost of aircraft ownership through charter. Revenue generated on aircraft charters can be put towards offsetting ownership fixed costs. If you are looking for a partner to protect your asset and manage every detail, FlyXcite is ready to serve. Our goal is to enhance your private travel experience far beyond what you thought was possible. FlyXcite Aircraft Management – your trip, your way, without compromise.